Administratiekantoor Brandaris BV

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Let's introduce ourselves...

Accounting Office Brandaris, B.V. is established on Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean. Our primary services address the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and associations and consist of:

  • Full-support financial administratio
  • Total payroll administration
  • Preparation of year-end figures and financial reports
  • Advice and support on tax matters

Our office is named after Brandaris Hill, the highest on Bonaire. In the days of the West Indian Company on the Dutch Antilles, Brandaris Hill was used for a signaling beacon when danger appeared on the horizon -- pirates, the French, English, what have you. A smoky fire on Brandaris alerted the big and well armed Company fleet stationed at Curacao so that they could arrive in time to fend off threats and lend a helping hand.

Fortunately, modern-day technologies make it possible for you to contact us without use of smoke signals. And you needn’t wait until there’s danger on your horizon and problems loom large. With high-speed Internet, rapid consultation, document and spreadsheet exchange and correction are but a left click away. We offer solid support so your company will experience ‘smooth sailing’ in its accounting and financial affairs.